Important Home Exterior Spring Cleaning Tips

During winters, homes are affected by pretty extreme conditions. It is important to inspect the exterior to identify needed small repairs. Taking care of them whenever they are seen will prevent much more expensive future repairs. This is why the following home exterior spring cleaning tips are essential and need to be remembered.

Roofing Inspection

When snowfall hits the home, there is always the possibility that ice damming appeared. This happens as a large snow accumulation is melting and transforms into ice. Ice can form a barrier that will prevent proper drainage of melting snow. Then, water can re-freeze and damage shingles. Be sure that you look for some water stains that appear around your interior walls and windows. These are clear signs that ice damming was present.

Downspouts And Eavestrough

Most of the leaks happen because there is a build-up of pinecones, twigs, leaves, etc. They will cause overflowing of drain water. Also, the eavestrough sealant might have cracked. You can fix this through the use of exterior silicone applied at joints and corners. However, what is really important is to talk to a professional gutter repair company in Denver. The professionals’ work is always much better, and you can also be sure that the positioning of your downspouts is a proper one.

Windows And Caulking

After winters, are sure that you check for the presence of cracked or missing caulking joining in window siding; when you see that caulking is missing or is close to falling off, blanks have to be filled with the use of exterior grade polyurethane or silicone. At the same time, be sure that you look for window moisture signs. When you see this, it means seals are separated and have to be repaired. Contractors can help you fix this, but your window will eventually need to be replaced if you postpone the repair.

Siding And Stucco

Stucco and siding finishes are essential as a defense against weather elements. When vinyl siding is present, all pieces have to be properly placed. Siding lap can easily come unhooked if high winds are present. If you have wood siding, maintenance is similar to that of windows with wood frames. The quality of wood stain and paint has to be checked. If cracks are seen, you need to scrape, sand, and then paint the wood stain.


Out of all the parts of your home, the foundation can easily be considered the most important one. A foundation is responsible for supporting the entire house. If small foundation cracks appeared during winter, you do not have to worry about them too much. However, when you see a big crack, you should know that the repair is costly, and more future problems appear whenever the fix is not a proper one. Remember that foundation issues are severe. Be sure that you contact foundation repair specialists whenever you notice any problem since this has always to be properly repaired.

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