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Over the past month, I’ve had the pride to apply the Nokia N97 as my daily driver, the device I use day in and day trip. When Nokia announced the N95 would replace the existing N-series flagship device, the N95, I, without delay, started to reminisce about when the N95 became my move-to tool. Ultimately, I left behind my N95 because I virtually needed a device with a QWERTY keyboard and lowered it back to my E90.

Without ever trying the N97, I was very confident in the device, without a doubt, as it packed a full QWERTY keyboard or even better specs than my E90. My time with the N97 has come and is long gone, and now it is time to look at how the device has lived as much as the hype and whether or not it companies the N-series flagship title with the identical presence because the tool has changed. the N95.



The N97 is to be had in hues alternatives: transition black, mild, and white. With a weight of one hundred fifty grams, the tool feels light on your fingers, however solid enough with a purpose to resist every day put and tear of being on your pocket or even the occasional drop. The N97 no longer seems as robust as the N95, but the sliding mechanism is superior, and you must now not revel in any hinge-related troubles visible on previous Nokia builds.

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Beneath the massive 3.5-inch touchscreen is a three-row QWERTY keyboard and a 4-way navigation at the left aspect. When I first began using the physical keyboard, I had some hassle adjusting to the small keys and the gap bar’s position at some distance proper. I can let you know with absolute reality that you’ll no longer be breaking any speed facts on this keyboard, but it is completely capable of managing lengthy emails and steamy text messages. I don’t hesitate to recommend the Touch Pro2 keyboard over the N97’s keyboard, so I have positioned the N97’s keyboard is too small to compete. However, if you evaluate the N97’s keyboard to the Motorola Droid, you would have a near war.

When sliding out the keyboard on the N97, the display screen tilts at a set attitude of approximately 45 levels. This is an area of personal desire; however, since I was an HTC Tilt owner at one time, I enjoyed the perspective and discovered it was perfect for messaging. It could be high-quality if there had been a choice to change the angle, but I appreciated the fixed perspective because I constantly left my smartphone on my table next to my PC. I understand this might be a deal-breaker for many of you available, but I endorse giving it a threat for a couple of weeks before you render your verdict.

Imaging / Multimedia

Carl Zeiss optics have long been the staple of Nokia’s mobile imaging. The N97 takes a page from the N95’s book via the equal five-megapixel digicam but provides dual-LED flash for superior night photographs. On the front of the N97 is a QCIF (176 x one hundred forty-four pixels) camera for video calls, which could be very beneficial in Europe but serves no reason inside the U.S.


In the latest picture shootout I did between the N97, Motorola Droid, and HTC Touch Pro2, the N97 walked away with the contest. This should cease speculation about whether the N97 is a worthy alternative to your point-and-shoot camera. I propose that you occasionallyevaluate the picture gallery oo attract your very own conclusions.

I need to point out that the N97 lens cover has been recognized to cause self-inflicted scratches. Within the evaluation unit I acquired from Nokia, I can verify the problem nevertheless exists. If you plan on shopping for the N97, I advocate finding your nearest carrier center earlier so that you can cope with this difficulty if your unit has the same trouble. If you cannot discover a local service middle, purchase a brand new unit with the cutting-edge production feasible.

To assist you in shopping for your 5-megapixel photographs, Nokia has 32GB of inner reminiscence and a microSD slot capable of reading 16GB of playing cards. Combining internal and add-on storage is a real bonus you ought to think about while comparing the N97 to different multimedia gadgets. While the iPhone is capped at 32GB until a big version is released, the N97 will likely have 48GB or larger if 32GB microSD support is brought. If you take your music library on the road, the N97 will not disappoint.

Once you top off 48GB of tune, you could use the integrated song participant at the N97. The tracking library can categorize tracks utilizing artists, albums, genres, and composers, and you have the potential to create playlists on the cellphone and modify the sound with the integrated equalizer. Once you run out of new tracks to play, you may use the Internet radio app or the built-in FM tuner, which paints very well. The most effective actual downfall inside the native multimedia applications is the RealPlayer. It is time Nokia includes a higher video player. 3GPP and MPEG-4 guide are first-class, but today, we anticipate more in a video participant, and this difficulty needs to be addressed within the Symbian overhaul for 2010.

Applications / OS

As much as I am keen on Symbian, the time has come to update the User Interface (UI). Thankfully, Nokia has heard the Symbian network loud and clear, and they will be revamping the whole Symbian UI. However, for potential N97 shoppers, this does little or no to remedy the getting older running device’s immediate problems. On the one hand, Symbian gives superior battery lifestyles, tremendous multitasking, and an exceptional software library. Meanwhile, Symbian lacks the polish and style discovered in Android, and the iPhone OS functions a sub-par email enjoy and regularly calls for too many menu layers to get into your desired alternatives.

I realize that every one of the downsides I’ve mentioned to Symbian will be addressed in the next 12 months, but at the moment, they remain applicable. However, in my opinion, the battery lifestyles I’ve experienced at the N97 over the past month compared to the HTC Touch Pro2 and Motorola Droid have caused me to overlook the weaknesses within the OS. Besides the battery lifestyle, Symbian’s stableness is fantastic, and while I’ve needed to pressure close many programs in Android and experienced infinite lag on Windows Mobile 6.5, Symbian cruises alongside. Stability and battery existence will constantly outweigh the fashion and polish observed in different Operating Systems.

The Ovi Store is Nokia’s approach to RIM’s App World, Apple’s App Store, and Google’s Android Market. The quantity and best-of packages are dazzling in the Ovi Store. However, the obvious weak point is the interface. Compared to the Android Market or Apple App Store, I observed it far tougher to navigate and, in the end, much less fun. RIM and Palm’s WebOS are struggling in the final place regarding their software stores. If I needed to rate the pinnacle three app shops, I could put Apple’s App Store first, followed by Nokia’s Ovi Store, and in 0.33, the Android Market.

Screen / Interface


Stepping into the sector of Touchscreen smartphones became a formidable pass for Nokia. When the iPhone was first released, Nokia didn’t seem worried about a touch interface and quickly disregarded the idea of returning to the commercial enterprise as standard. Much changed at that point, and fortunately, Nokia realized the significance of having a couple of interfaces for clients to interact with.

Unfortunately, the N97 suffers from a resistive touchscreen, which requires robust contact for the device to reply. Even though HTC’s Windows Mobile devices have also used resistive touchscreens, I discovered the Touch Pro2 to offer advanced enjoyment in both accuracy and cleanness of use.

To Nokia’s credit, the N97 touchscreen is decent for an organization just entering the touchscreen cellphone market. However, if the tool changed to a hundred touchscreen without a QWERTY keyboard, it might be identical to the authentic BlackBerry Storm.

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