Google+ Marketing Strategy

Google+ (or G+) has been pretty late to sign up for the social media marketing party, so plenty of small business proprietors nevertheless view it with suspicion – should they interact with it? Is it worth spending more time on social media advertising and marketing by including another tool to manipulate? According to the Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Report, at the same time as fifty-four % of entrepreneurs are using Google+, 65% want to study more about it, and sixty-one % plan on growing Google+ activities in 2014.

Google Plus

But Google+ is not just another social media website but a social glue that ties the net collection. Read directly to discover if it’s worth your time at the same time as in advertising!

By February 2014, G+ has already 359 million active users; it occupies 65% of enterprise/non-public seek outcomes; it is connected to Gmail, which additionally has more than four million users; it’s also connected to YouTube, which has 800 Million site visitors per month, and to Google mobile presenting over 1 Million Android devices activated day by day.

Google+ is integrated into all Google merchandise and applications: Google Search, Gmail, Google Apps, YouTube, Android, Google Play Store, Google Translate, Google Drive, Analytics, AdWords, Maps, Places, Webmaster Tools, Google News, Images, and a lot greater. If you use Google tools in your commercial enterprise, it is quite tough to avoid developing a Google+ profile in the procedure to your user identity.

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However, as we all realize, having a profile on social media and using it successfully for advertising are two different things. And what is extra, with Google+, you cannot have a personal profile or hbutan enterprise page as properly – a bit like Facebook.

1. Improve your Local SEO effects

Google+ Local pages are changing the antique Google Local business listings so that you will need to say both old and new profiles for your enterprise and merge them. Add all necessary information that your clients might be interested in, how to touch you, cope with, beginning hours, verify your website, upload other social media, add snapshots to exhibit your services and products, wand rite a description that includes your key seek terms and keywords. Link out of your website in your Local web page and for your profile (as an author – see extra underneath).

2. Link your Google+ profile to your blog

Confirm which you are the author of your blog inside Google and link the 2twotogether. This will get your image, and the G+ link seems next to search outcomes from your blog. If you’ve got a WordPress weblog, you could, without difficulty, link them up using one of the plugins (like SEO by using Yoast) or through your subject settings. More technical data on how Google Authorship works may be determined here.

3. Integrate Google+ into your website

Ensure you have your Local and Profile listings introduced to the website and that your website online is demonstrated with all Google services you will use (together with YouTube). Add your G+ profile badge or button to the website, showing the +1 option in your posts and pages. This way, different Google+ users can pshareyour content material with their fans for you. More interplay on your hyperlinks = more SEO trust.

4. Use Hangouts on Air to connect and construct your emblem

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With updated and superior Hangouts, you may connect with your customers, promote your services and products, and run webinars and group meetings – free from the rate. Could then proportion those videos robotically to YouTube, increasing your reach. You can offer humans your information, perception, solutions, or one-of-a-kindget entry to content material, and they will sign up for your hangouts, growing your Google+ circle and increasing your impact. An everyday webcast schedule is a good platform for saying product launches, discounts, promotional occasions, income, aetc

5. Network efficaciously with the right followers the usage of Circles

Circles are an exceptional tool to organize your connections and followers in Google+. Circles help you segment your contacts into interest or pipeline lists and, after that, share the most relevant content to this particular Circle. You can also see what simplest the ones in a specific Circle are sharing, making it easier to comment and engage with their content material again. You might discover that you’ll engage with some of your Circles more often than others, primarily based on uthe users in them. To find human beings rorth connecting with, you may use the Google Search function and Ripples.

6. Share interesting and compelling content

As with any advertising channel, yyou’llwant to percentage content material applicable, interesting, and well-timed in your followers. Although you cannot proportion posts immediately on Google+, you can use a third birthday celebration tool like Buffer or HootSuite to advance your updates. When posting updates, you may tag other customers and use hashtags (just like Twitter again). Visual content is typically more appealing than text. However, test special options to discern what works for your target audience. You may even submit mini-blogs there, as nunlikewith Twitter or Facebook, there is nnoindividual restriction to your posts.

7. Engage and engage with your target market

To grow your community and benefit new commercial enterprise leads, putting up content about your brand is no longer enough. You need to connect and engage with your fans like on some other social media channel. You can do this in several ways: mention others in posts (e.g., In case you need to offer credit score or link a cchanceoobservationto their enterprise); respond to any feedback you acquire in your posts; use Circles to segment and simplify curation of content using your fans – remark, percentage and +1 their posts; hold an eye on “whats trending” subjects and join in while you could; be a part of relevant business groups and Hangouts and engage with different focused users there.


Finally, krememberto measure your success by evaluating your outcomes for your advertising desires. You can track the number of them with simply Google Analytics. For more advanced facts about your Google+ efforts, you may use 1/3-celebration websites like All My Plus Stats, Measured, Circle Count, and Google Business Insight for your business web page.

My call is Tamara Baranova. I run TJConsulting and help small commercial enterprise proprietors grow their enterprises by delivering effective online marketing mentoring, help, and schooling. My clients see their enterprise be successful, develop rapidly, and generate wholesome income through online advertising and marketing method that works.

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