Social Media for Dog Professionals

Unless you’ve been residing underneath a rock, you realize something about – or have heard of – social media and online advertising. You likely also recognize new tools are launched all the time that would help grow your business. But probabilities are you failed to get concerned with dogs’ handiest to spend your days at the pic, so here’s a brief run-down of a number of the maximum beneficial gear and terms.

Social Media

(By the way, if you’re a veteran blogger and spend hours on Facebook and Twitter daily, this listing isn’t always for you. Just been dabbling in social media or considering getting began with online advertising? Then read on.)


Your capacity customers now turn to search engines like Google and Yahoo like Google instead of the neighborhood Yellow Pages to locate dog pros, and an excessive Google PageRank will get your enterprise toward the top of the primary web page of search consequences. Google assumes that the maximum number of crucial pages on the net have the full number of incoming links. To boost your PageRank, keep away from tricks and scams and consciousness of creating quality content material (weblog posts, tweets, podcasts, snapshots, and movies) that others need to link to. Using the tools discussed in this article will genuinely assist.

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Search Engine Optimization is the art and technological know-how of creating internet pages more popular with Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Improve your odds of being observed by way of potential clients with search engine marketing-friendly methods: write content material containing precise keywords or keyphrases (assume “canine walker” or “dog boarding”) that clients use while searching online. Since Google believes that the information at the start of every blog is essential, create concise, informative titles (i.E. “Six Tips for Treating Separation Anxiety”). Try WebsiteGrader.Com, a loose tool to grade your website online’s search engine optimization and advise enhancements. Or spend touch money to hire every other small business owner – an unbiased search engine optimization expert who might do you a favor at some point when her friends are looking for a canine sitter.


A little empathy goes an extended manner in advertising and marketing. Imagine a capable customer in your metropolis who is just introduced home to a new pup, looking on Google for education lessons or daycare. What words does she input? “Puppy Obedience Classes” and “Indianapolis,” perhaps. To assist her in locating you, use the right keywords on your weblog, submit tags, titles of articles, and class descriptions. Unless you’re advertising and marketing to other dog execs, avoid the terminology you learned during your schooling (i., E. Aid guarding) in want of phrases maximum dog owners apprehend. To decide between comparable key words (“Housetraining” or “Housebreaking”), take a look at our Google Insights, a free tool that compares the popularity of any search phrases.

Social Media


A blog is a website presenting normal posts or updates and is a notable device for developing your brand. Many area hosts make blogging smooth, giving one-step installations of blogging software programs like WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger – software that handles the programming for you; write a short post and hit Publish. WordPress consists of a sophisticated set of plug-ins or equipment, which could enhance your SEO, tag your posts with relevant key phrases, and maintain the music of your wide variety of traffic.

Blogs with frequent updates attract the most visitors, so do not forget to budget multiple hours a week to run a blog. Let diversity work for you; encompass hyperlinks to useful articles with the aid of reputable peers in your industry, photos of daycare workforce individuals, seasonal offers, case research, or funny testimonies of dogs you’ve got been taking walks. Let your writing mirror your very own speaker style; with many unfastened and forgettable recommendations available on the internet, a casual, personable writing voice can attract unswerving readers and able customers.


Facebook is the current king of social media sites, a network of six hundred million customers who create online profiles, hyperlinks to buddies, antique and new, and percentage information, images, and videos culled from the net. Create a fan page in your enterprise, and use it to percentage updates or records that others may find helpful or interesting. Keep in mind the “social” of social media; unlike extra conventional marketing methods, the company’s maximum success in social media depends less on consistent self-promoting and dealing with constructing relationships. The focus shifts to the customer and solves her troubles. Provide the occasional loose article on chunk schooling, factor out a fellow dog walker’s web page when your customer listing is full, or solve a query about your holiday hours.


Twitter is the social network for quick attention spans, a going-for-walks flow of tweets (posts) of 140 characters or much less. Other customers can pick to follow your tweets to show up in their circulation. Social media is higher at strengthening present relationships than attracting new ones, and Twitter makes it easy to open public and personal dialogues with clients and different canine pros. Again, we advocate proscribing self-advertising to about 25% of your usual posts, or you run the threat of having tuned out. Answer an FAQ, tell a funny story, give a quick free training tip, or solicit remarks for future public instructions. Follow and touch upon the tweets of peers in the dog professions, look at the present-day and former clients, and you will reinforce those connections most likely to give you the best phrase of mouth.


LinkedIn focuses on professional networking. Users create profiles that resemble employment resumes and hyperlink to buddies, co-people, and employers, both current and beyond. Link to your teacher peers, your favorite daycare facility proprietor, or fellow college students from your Dog Walking Academy. If you favor working with small puppies, set up ties with that trainer who is given a smooth spot for pit bulls, and send each customer.

Social Media


YouTube is a big online library for movies and can be an awesome aid for introducing your commercial enterprise to ability customers. YouTube videos run the overall spectrum of production values. With the recognition of video editing software, you can throw together your short video for your computer in some hours. Share a typical day in a dog walker’s lifestyle, education consultation from your pup’s magnificence, or a montage of your purchaser puppies’ hints. Never underestimate adorable dogs’ attraction; movies that move viral (i.e., Insanely popular, widely connected to, and allotted with tlovers’aid online) are often characteristic of animals. Create a profile with a link to your commercial enterprise website, and embed your motion pictures in your weblog or Facebook fan web page.


Flickr is an internet photo and video control and sharing application. You can add snapshots to the web page via numerous techniques and share them with pals or the public. Other users can touch upon your photos or enroll in your photostream. Tag your images with the relevant keywords we preserve harping on and embed your snapshots or motion pictures in your enterprise website online. Use Flickr to expose capacity-boarding customers to your facility’s satisfactory functions, the friendly faces of your body of workers, or movement pictures of happy dogs.

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