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Should There Be an App for That?

With the tablet wars heating up and phone income skyrocketing, in some unspecified time in the future, the idea is sure to pass your thoughts: Is it time to create an app?

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The lure of being along with your customers anywhere they go and being with ease reachable with the faucet of a finger is in really tough to withstand. And with over 350,000 iOS apps in Apple’s App Store and over 200,0000 apps in Google’s Android Market, it’s clear that many organizations have eagerly climbed aboard the app improvement bandwagon.

Thanks to a proliferation of DIY app templates, the limitations to access within the app market aren’t as steep as they as soon as had been.

But you can’t truly decide the deserves of creating an app as you would some other advertising tactic. Instead, you should look at your capability app as a product in and of itself.

You would not put money and time into growing a product without an inexpensive quantity of self-assurance that a market exists for it. Same goes for an app. You can construct it. You can get it into the app shop. But if it’s now not something humans need, your efforts can be for naught.


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Your app should meet those eight primary criteria, otherwise, it is now not well worth the funding:

1. It has to be designed around enterprise increase targets.

To justify the essential investment, your app should be aimed toward promoting the increase of your enterprise, whether it does so by means of making it less complicated in your clients to buy from you or preserving your brand at the leading edge of their cognizance.

Sure, masses of big names have created conceitedness apps that do not serve a commercial enterprise increase feature, however, it truly is no longer a luxury the common employer can manage to pay for. For instance, Mercedes gives an iPad game called SLS AMG HD that lets customers to put there using abilities to the test through a series of tunnel challenges.

Sure, it’s a slick-searching gimmick. But is it honestly doing something to improve the agency’s bottom line? Does every person who is inclined to buy a Mercedes really want an iPad racing recreation to tip them over the threshold?

An app in and of itself isn’t an advertising marketing campaign. If your intention is to enhance the visibility of your logo, developing an app is a completely oblique and luxurious manner to reach your desired stop.

Remember that you’ll be competing with loads of lots of different apps to be found via cellphone users. Your probabilities of creating something so new, so exclusive and so the out-of-the-box that it will move viral and bounce to the pinnacle of the download charts are slim to none.

What’s extra, even the wide variety of downloads your app receives is not any guarantee of ongoing exposure for your clients. According to a recent examine, as many as twenty-six percents of apps are opened most effective as soon as after download.

With odds like that, in case your sole motive is elevating the visibility of your logo, there are not any scarcity of other processes – from search engine marketing to pay-in keeping with-click on marketing to social media-based totally PR campaigns – in an effort to likely supply a better ROI.

2. Its software needs to be purchaser-driven.

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No, remember what, your app improvement procedure should not be an exercising in ego-stroking. Forget what you observed is cool or modern-day and look at your app via your customers’ eyes.

For your app to achieve success, it desires to provide something human beings want, whether this is in the form of utility, comfort, content material or all the above.

For the most component, your clients use their cellular gadgets for one of two functions: productiveness or entertainment.

If you want to create an app that entertains, be organized to carry the big weapons due to the fact you’re competing in a space with the heavy-hitters, from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to a slew of professional game builders.

The productivity area is easier to enter, however conquering it’s miles nevertheless no smooth feat. A useful productiveness-oriented app ought to make it clean on your clients to perform the forms of obligations they usually carry out whilst on-the-pass.

If your app is content material-driven, it needs to be encyclopedia-worthy to warrant a niche at the reference shelf of your consumer’s cellular tool. It must be complete and updated often, and its interface has to be ultra-searchable and scannable.

Whole Foods offers an awesome content-based app. Users can seek its large library of recipes through key-word, enter elements they have on-hand to get hints and create purchasing lists on-the-fly. Search effects are even labeled through nutritional preference, consisting of gluten-free or low-fat.

This kind of software aligns squarely with Whole Foods’ target marketplace. Undoubtedly, their app is the pass-to useful resource for lots health-aware, time-strapped operating mother, and father who depart the office without an idea of what they are going to make for dinner when they get home.

Mobile devices have a number of built-in features that even many laptops don’t necessarily have, together with GPS, the potential to supply push notifications, a digital camera, and video digital camera. If you don’t plan to tie the software of your app to any of those functions, it is tough to justify creating a committed cellular app instead of just enhancing your present-day website online to provide a surest revel in for cell users.

Amazon’s Price Check is an extremely good instance of an app that takes benefit of the telephone’s digital camera characteristic to allow customers to scan barcodes and examine expenses on-the-move.

GPS is a touch greater complicated to use accurately. A lot of branded apps – from Gap’s StyleMixer to USPS Mobile – use GPS to allow users to find their closest brick-and-mortar region. As an auxiliary feature it’s a pleasing comfort for customers who are already plugged into the app, however this sort of feature isn’t always enough to justify the lifestyles of an app in and of itself, as there are masses of different mapping and searching apps that can deliver the equal records with broader utility.

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Also, you have to weigh the pros and cons of integrating push notifications carefully. If you could offer legitimate value to your customers with well-timed indicators, it really is great. But if you move the road into intrusiveness, you’re simply asking to get deleted.

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