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Social Security Disability And Fibromyalgia

Social Security incapacity benefits are regularly the final safety net for folks stricken by clinical impairments that make it impossible for them to work. However, for many people, struggling through the Social Security Administration’s forms is frustrating, complicated, and sluggish. For humans laid low with conditions and Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the Social Security Act’s necessities can end up overwhelming. This article will explain and simplify in trendy phrases the Social Security incapacity software’s necessities and describe the application and appeals procedure.

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Two Different Programs – SSDI and SSI

There are programs under the Social Security Act providing benefits for people who are unable to work. The first is the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program determined in Title II of the Social Security Act. The 2nd is the Supplemental Security Income application contained in Title XVI of the Social Security Act. The medical test for both programs is the same. The variations are in the non-scientific eligibility necessities.

Non-Medical Requirements

SSDI advantages are paid to totally disabled people who’ve labored and paid into the Social Security machine with the FICA taxes, which can be deducted from paychecks. These FICA taxes are analogous to insurance charges paid for automobiles, homeowners, or other private insurance. The FICA payments, which are matched employing employers, buy coverage beneath the Social Security Retirement, Disability, and Medicare programs. For SSDI, there are necessities: a worker needs to have worked and paid FICA taxes for as a minimum of 40 quarters lifetime (10 years) and, additionally, 20 quarters had to were paid in the course of the ten years previous to the date of turning into absolutely disabled. For instance, a 40 yr-old Claimant who became disabled in 2003 could have had to have labored and paid FICA taxes for a minimum of 10 years at some stage in his lifetime and a minimum of 5 years between 1992 and 2002.

If accredited for SSDI, the Social Security Administration will pay a monthly advantage based on how lots were earned and paid into the Social Security gadget. Benefits are also paid to established youngsters below 16 years old or under 18 years old and still in high school. Medicare eligibility starts twenty-9 months after the onset date of total disability.

The SSI program requires that an individual be completely disabled and “indigent.” “Indigent” essentially means that an unmarried Claimant has little or no profits and less than $2,000.00 in the non-exempt property. A domestic and fixtures are not counted. One car is exempt. Bank accounts, IRAs, earnings sharing plans, coins value existence insurance, and comparable belongings are all protected in figuring out a property, even though consequences and taxes could be incurred if the asset were converted to cash. Also, a spouse’s property and earnings are “deemed” to the disabled Claimant – this deeming rule wreaks havoc on many disabled men and women, particularly the stay-at-home determine.

In 2004 SSI will pay a basic monthly benefit of $564.00, which can be supplemented with some states’ aid. A disabled individual receiving SSI will also be eligible for food stamps and a nation’s Medicaid card.
The Social Security incapacity program is designed to pay benefits to claimants suffering from medical troubles inflicting signs so extreme that it is impossible to maintain characteristic at any work. Issues of employability, activity existence, insurability, and place or desirability of opportunity paintings will no longer be considered, even though age and education are regularly vital elements. The fact that someone can not do the paintings executed inside the beyond is commonly now not determinative. This is a scientific program that focuses on medically verified symptoms and their effect on carrying out paintings sports.

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Therefore, the point of interest in on characteristic, no longer on diagnosis; SSA regularly admits that Claimants have scientific problems and are “impaired,” but denies that they’re “absolutely disabled.” The debate is over what the Claimant can “do” regardless of the scientific issues.

The Social Security Administration’s Regulations require determination of disability be based upon on “goat proof” of each the medical hassle and the severity of the signs and symptoms. “Objective evidence” approach the findings contained in scientific checks that are not dependent on the affected person’s subjective responses. An MRI, a cardiac treadmill test, an x-ray, and a pulmonary function take a look at are all “objective” checks. Asking an affected person if she is in pain is “subjective.” In Fibromyalgia and CFS claims, it’s far too hard to objectively prove either the sickness’s life or the severity of the signs and symptoms. This has prompted many claims primarily based on those situations to be denied – especially at the first two ranges of review.

The consciousness in all disability claims is upon the clinical evidence, i.E. The treating physicians’ clinical findings, office notes, reviews, and medical take a look at effects. This proof is number one and is often greater crucial than the testimony of the Claimant. While a Claimant’s description of the impact on daily sports, social functioning, and attention must be taken into consideration through SSA, the medical documentation’s content is the maximum crucial supply of proof in finding out the declare.

In Fibromyalgia claims, the scientific notes and a report of the treating rheumatologist are most vital. A 1996 selection via the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals set up that a rheumatologist is the number one supplier for this disease’s evidence. Office notes from the rheumatologist ought to continuously file the superb findings for the tender factors diagnostic for this disease. The patient also needs to be complaining at each office go-to of the fatigue and pain, which might be regular in this circumstance. A record establishes that each one different causes for the signs that have been dominated out to set up the disorder’s existence.

Since the extent of fatigue and pain cannot be measured, the consistency of lawsuits in the numerous medical records can be crucial. Although only for trial durations, the use of pain medications is a critical consideration in evaluating the severity of ache. Use of mild analgesics indicates much less severe symptoms; prescription of more potent narcotics shows that the treating specialist felt the pain problems greater severe. Also, documentation by way of the physicians of awareness impairments, and the incapability to perform habitual daily sports, including housework, buying, and social functioning, are considered by Social Security Administration selection makers.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome claims were made clearer via the adoption of Social Security Ruling ninety nine-2p. This Ruling subsequently acknowledges that CFS is a medically determinable impairment and describes the diverse findings that could set up the diagnosis. This Ruling is pretty useful and may be found on the SSA’s net web page. Generally, the point of interest is on a longitudinal view of the medical evidence and the volume and nature of the treatment supplied with various physicians’ aid. The scientific findings and summaries of the patient’s complaints in the office notes are essential in setting up clinical impairment. As to whether the signs are totally disabling, SSA will do not forget the clinical evaluations and the statements of the Claimant and 0.33 events, as in some other incapacity claim.

Claimants who be afflicted by despair have to add are seeking treatment from a mental fitness expert. Whether the depression is a symptom of the disorder, or effects from the considerable effect on a Claimant’s lifestyle, or is a separate disabling scientific condition, the remedy notes and histories regularly lend credibility to the claim. However, SSA will normally now not deliver widespread weight to despair dealt with through a circle of relatives, physicians, or social employees – emphasis will continually take delivery of to the records and reviews of an M.D. Psychiatrist or Ph.D. Psychologist. Depression does no longer generally negate the existence of other underlying impairments but as a substitute confirms the severity of their impact. On occasion, this prognosis gives an opportunity principle for an Administrative Law Judge who wishes to award blessings but will not approve a claim based totally on CFS or Fibromyalgia.

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