Speed ​​up your phone

When your phone gets older, it often slows down too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it because a slow phone is very frustrating. Fortunately, there are a few options to speed up your phone, which we will discuss in this article.

Unnecessary apps

We’ve all done it before. Downloaded an app and used it maybe two or three times but did not delete it as we may still need it. This app does take up space and may be busy with everything in the background. Removing these apps will free up space for the apps you use, and your phone will run faster. So take a critical look at all apps and delete the ones you don’t use.

Lite versions

If you need some apps, see if this app is available in a Lite version. These apps take up less space and therefore work a lot faster. The app will be a little less advanced but can still do the most important tasks that the ‘regular’ version can do. Some apps may not have a Lite version, but you will still feel like you are in an app when you work via the mobile site, while it makes your phone faster.

Refresh in the background.

Several apps refresh themselves in the background; this usually happens every ten minutes. Besides not being good for your battery, it also causes your phone to run slower. You can adjust this very easily; for example, with an iPhone, you can indicate in one overview which apps can refresh in the background and which are not. With Android phones, you can tell this per app.

These three options are good for speeding up your phone, and your battery drains faster. The following options will mainly help when your phone is running slowly.

Your photo albums

Nowadays, we take photos or videos of everything, and you don’t want to delete them just like that. But your phone will slow down when you have hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures in your photo album. So look at your photo album; you will probably come across a few photos or videos you can delete. Do you now have pictures that really should be preserved? Then it is smart to put it in the cloud, on Dropbox, or your computer. This way, you save the photos you want to keep, but you create space for your phone again, and your phone will work faster again.

Bluetooth, wifi, and GPS

One of the biggest culprits in slowing down your phone is Bluetooth, wifi, and GPS. Sometimes you need these options but it is best to turn them off when you are not using them. Your phone constantly looks for devices to connect to or know where you are. This takes a lot of energy, the energy you prefer to use to open an application quickly or to send that app to your friends.

Cache memory, history, and cookies

Every time you visit a site, your smartphone stores information such as links and images. This is all stored in the cache. In addition to the cache memory, the cookies, and browsing history are also stored. All this data takes up space, affecting how fast your phone works, but you don’t need this data. Therefore, regularly delete your cache, cookies, and browser history, and your phone will work faster.

Last hope

Have you tried everything, but your phone is still slow? Then you can always try another thing: reset your phone to factory settings. When you do this, your phone will be reset to base, and you will have to set everything up again. Ensure you have made a backup or have the most important notes and photos in the cloud or your computer. This way, you can quickly use your phone again as you want.

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