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Tips To Survive Architecture School

In so many cases architecture school is much more challenging than what students expect. The degree can be grueling to obtain but this does not mean that school cannot be fun. Going through everything is definitely difficult but if you know what to do, things can change. If you want to become an OZ student housing architect or go through any architecture course/program, here are some tips that are surely going to help you out a lot more than you think.

Wisely Manage Time

You need to accept the fact that most of the time you have is going to be spent inside a studio. This is why you should start as early as you can during the morning. As you do this there is a much higher possibility that you are going to be able to leave before midnight hits. Architecture school is renowned for the numerous late nights students go through. Always start the day early to avoid this as much as possible.

Develop A Normal Sleeping Schedule

Sleeping can become problematic for the architecture student but it is a necessity. You do need to sleep and you need to be sure that your schedule is a normal one. Going through an all-nighter is going to do a lot of harm, even if it does not seem like it when it happens. Inspiration will rarely hit you late during the night and the best ideas you will ever have as an architect or a student architect will come when you are rested. Do prioritize sleep whenever you can, besides wisely managing your time.

Expand The Network You Have Access To

Being social and a part of a community is of great help during architecture school. Join an architecture club and do meet new friends outside of the school environment. It is also really important that you spend time alone, doing other things you love. Except for the week when deadline is close, you should have one night every single week when all you do is relax. Even something as simple as watching movies on Netflix can help you keep your sanity.

Get Ready For Harsh Critique

Jury reviews are often really brutal. The project that you worked hard on for over 10 weeks can be destroyed in just ten minutes. What has to be remembered is that architecture is highly subjective. What a person labels as complete garbage can be seen as a true innovation by someone else. Critique has to be taken into consideration but should never be taken to heart. Always be proud of the work that you do since it is your vision.

Don’t Forget About Other Classes

Non-architecture courses will have an impact on GPA. Being able to graduate when you should can be impacted by this. Look at the classes that are available and use them in order to expand horizons. This actually makes you a much better architect in the long run.

Often Save Your Work

Last but not least, the most important shortcut you have to remember is CTRL+S. All your files need to be backed up on an external hard drive and you should save your work as often as possible.

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