4 Great Tips to Hire the Right Home Stager

As it is said, ‘The first impression is the last impression,’ making a long-lasting impression becomes highly crucial. While trying to sell your home, making it appeal to the potential buyers in the first look should be the primary goal. Generally, a buyer decides whether to buy it within a few seconds of entering the property. So, it is important to maintain and market each part of your home in the best possible light.

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Home Staging has become the need of the hour to set apart your property from the rest. It is more than decluttering and decorating your rooms. The expert home stagers help determine what parts of your home are assets and require to be in more limelight. They help in ideally transforming your home to increase its appeal and value. With this industry’s growth, now everyone seems to call themselves home stagers and showcase themselves as experts. Remember- not all home stagers are specialized. Here are a few tips and parameters to help you differentiate the right home stager among all


The number of years a home stager has been catering to the market determines customer satisfaction. The business’s longevity indicates its reliability, as non-experienced home stagers tend to fall behind and cannot sustain themselves for long. You will often come across an abundance of newbies who are the latest entrants in the market. Although you may find some experts in the new crowd, an experienced home stager would be better positioned to suggest the best solutions for making your property presentable to potential buyers.


Home staging is a highly unregulated profession; anyone can call themselves a professional home stager. Some stagers purchase their credentials by taking a weekend course and do not attain formal training. Since no official degree or certification is required to become a professional home stager, differentiating the authentic ones from the rest of the lot is challenging. In such a case, you can consider their market experience and take feedback from your reference realtors.

Knowledge about Real Estate

Before hiring a home stager, please find out how much they know about real estate. Ensure they are familiar with the local housing market and the expectations of buyers looking for properties in the area. A home stager must have basic real estate knowledge to market your property to each niche, not just one buyer type.

Work Portfolio

Before choosing a home stager, always review their portfolio and previous track record of successful selling of properties. A professional home stager would never hesitate to show you his earlier works, as winning the customer’s trust is key to flourishing more. But make sure that the portfolio presents their genuine work record and doesn’t mislead the public as many stock photos are readily available over the Internet, and some home stagers can claim them as their own.

Selling your home is selling your most valuable asset. It requires great professionalism, competency, and experience. Always beware of home stagers bidding you lowest and trying to catch you in their bait. It will be reflected in the quality of accessories and furniture they will provide and their lack of experience in the field.

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