We all are familiar with the loathsome, post-vacation blues and how hard it can be to return to our boring, daily schedule after a fruitful vacation. And let’s admit it, everyone wants to stick with that relaxing feeling one gets while being on a holiday.


Well, how about bringing that holiday feel in the comfort your own home? That way, you’ll be able to proudly say, that everyday in your life is a holiday! Nothing to say of the fact that it will cost you way lesser than your paid weekend getaways and will last for as long as you want it to. So, it’s time you challenge and channel your creative energies into creating your very own vacay-spot in your own home.


First things first- tidy up your place. Wash the dust, scrub away the dirt, give your garden-plants a neat trim, get rid of any cobwebs. Throw away any broken furniture, paint your walls if you want to, do whatever it takes to make your place cleaner. Cleaning is about creating a cosy atmosphere that makes you want to stay and not run away to some other place which gives you an idea of comfort. Go get that comfort, now!


Where do you go for a vacation? In the lap of nature. Well, it’s time you bring that nature home. Indulge in some garden decor, contact your local landscape designer or just DIY. Color coordinate your plants to make it a themed garden. Plant fragrant plants like jasmine or lily of the valley that makes your garden smell like heaven so you could enjoy your retreat by simply just walking around your garden.

A spa is the ultimate, most desired vacation retreat that anyone needs. You can use your outdoor space to get a spa built to enjoy a rejuvenating spa evening, whenever you please. If not, you can also turn your regular tub baths into spa baths. After all, nothing beats a good hot soak in a tub.


A vacation means taking a break from your immediate surroundings. While building a staycation retreat at your home, it might get difficult to hide it from the eyes of your sneaky neighbours. Invest in screening and panels that provide your outdoor retreat space the privacy it needs. Also, plan a digital detox day with your family to enjoy nothing more than each other’s company.


To get your vacay mood right, you need to get the lighting right. Imagine being welcomed through a dim-lit pathway which leads you to a hot bubble bath set amidst green, flowery and fragrant plants. Relaxing imagery enough? Do not forget to install dim and soft coloured lighting for your own, private, at-home spa-zone then.

Jeffery D. Silvers
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