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The following tips apply to most leading insurance companies but may not be applicable in particular cases. To avoid problems, paying extra attention to a specific company’s insurance rules when concluding an auto insurance contract is necessary.

Buying an auto insurance policy

Do not buy a questionably cheap car insurance policy. As a rule, companies interested only in increasing their customer base’s size are provided unreasonably low prices for car insurance rates. The threat of an ill-considered price policy increases the company’s risk of bankruptcy.

Choose the auto insurance rate based on your budget’s size, thus eliminating possible late payments as they increase the insurance premium. Before that, you will have to take online motor insurance quotes.

The Rise of Pay-As-You-Go Motor Insurance - BusinessToday - Issue Date: Aug 21, 2022

Buying a car insurance policy, choose the offers of only large and well-known insurance companies. Insurance service InSure63.Ru cooperates with such insurance companies as leading experts in the field of insurance.

When preparing an auto insurance policy, you may have unforeseen problems if:

  • the car key and car alarm keyring are in a single copy
  • the car often changed owners, and there are only copies of the main documents
  • You are not the vehicle owner and do not have a general power of attorney for the car.
  • Pay attention to the following main points listed below

The currency in which insurance compensation is paid is the Russian ruble, but the policy may be executed differently. In this case, the balance is paid at the central bank’s rate at the time of payment.

  • The policy should not contain empty or unfilled graphs. If there is no need to fill them, a dash is placed in their place.
  • The policy of car insurance must specify the territory covered by this policy.
  • How does the insurance company make payments? If the sum insured is “aggregate,” in this case, after the damage’s compensation, the insured amount will be reduced by price for this damage. If the sum insured is “non-aggregate,” then in this case, after the cost of the injury, the insured amount will remain unchanged.

Does the insurance company consider the wear and tear of parts and assemblies when paying compensation?

If you have been issued a car insurance policy by two insurance companies and got into a traffic accident, do not try to get full compensation for the damage in each of them. In this case, the insurance compensation is distributed proportionally between the companies by the companies’ agreement and the total amount of 100%.

Tips for owners of car insurance policies

Do not try to deceive the insurance company. The benefit of a successful outcome will be incomparably less than the problems that may arise, including issues in preparing a new insurance policy in other companies.

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