Blogging For Profit Creating a Website

In component 1 of this article collection, we discussed picking the topic or niche in your weblog. Once you have decided on the middle subject matter of your blog, it’s time to allow you to create your weblog or website.

1) Selecting the Title of Your Blog:

The Blog name has to be short & descriptive as properly. The ideal length of your weblog name is forty to eighty characters. The title should summarize precisely what your weblog is all about. Many people confuse name & description & select an identity that is too lengthy & common in nature. Remember, your name should be as particular as viable to offer a correct concept about your weblog.


2) Selecting the Web cope with or URL of your weblog:

It may be very tempting so that it will place your name or your firm’s call within the internet address or the URL of your blog. This is not an unusual mistake made by the majority of people. Your URL ought to be related to your blog topic. If the subject of your blog says, for instance, ‘Financial Planning suggestions’, the URL should reflect the same. Instead of getting a URL like, it might be better to have a URL name like I am saying this because search engines like Google and Yahoo’s perspective need to consist of the middle key phrases of your web page in the URL itself.

Search engines display results for any search query after looking in their database created via crawlers (automated applications that crawl the internet & accumulate facts about diverse websites). The second someone hits to look for any aspect on search engines like Google, they would be shown ‘applicable consequences’ from engines like Google. The URL of the website is the primary factor that search engines like Google and Yahoo might consider. However, they might not forget many more factors while displaying the quest results. (You may further confer with my articles on Search Engine Optimization for extra detail.)

3) Choosing a Host:

You may additionally pick an unfastened host like or another free host, or you could choose to have your website. If you already have a.Com site & you’re creating a weblog to help it, then the weblog can be hosted on an unfastened host. There are execs & cons for finding out whether or not to have a free web hosting service or to have your domain call. I think you ought to pick out your area call to your blog. The essential purpose is that it displays your commitment as a severe businessman & your web page is not a fly-by way of night operator. Remember, human beings must agree before buying something from your site. In the digital world, your website displays the traits of the owner.

Although, in reality, putting up an site might not assist you in promoting & you need to do plenty more different matters, it might be a superb factor to have your domain. If to begin with, you wish to start with an unfastened environment & you have plans to convert it to your very own area later, I could endorse that you have to not begin with a free domain; however, wait until you can manage to pay for to shop for your part.


This may additionally sound harsh, but my pals, there’s good judgment behind why I am saying this. If you start with a loose area & after, say, six months, you wish to transform it into your domain, you’ll face many practical problems to do so. If you’ve got fantastic & authentic content, most search engines like Google would have already indexed your weblog in their databases. If you change your website hosting, you’ll wait until engines like Google once more list your new URL. Search engines like Google once more list your new website as replica content & may even block it. Although nowadays, many unfastened hosts provide a redirect facility in case you buy an area from them, the search engine effect isn’t always clean.

Another thing to be considered here is the quantity of links in your blog from other sites. If you have incoming links from other sites & you decide to exchange the host, your new website might lose those links. Remember that the variety of incoming hyperlinks is the most critical issue search engines remember while deciding your page rank. To avoid dropping incoming links, you will touch every web admin connected to your site, asking for a clean link or modifying existing links. This is not practical until you have only a few incoming links or a superb private relationship with the busy site owners linking to your website online.

4) Blog Design & Theme:

Your blog template must replicate a feel of professionalism & you should avoid excessively sleek templates. You would locate heaps of websites providing free templates. You may also pick an excellent-looking & respectable template from such websites. Before the use of these templates, you have to make sure that these templates are consumer-friendly. The thing to not forget is that you overcrowd your web page with too many pictures or demanding pop-ups. Most blogs selling affiliate products fill the aspect bars with as many flags as possible. Overcrowding your website online with flags would distract the attention of your site visitors & they might get themselves out of your site.

5) Use Meta Tags:

Meta tags are the HTML codes seen by serps but not by the traffic. I highly advocate you should have meta tags generated for your weblog. These tags allow the search engines like Google and Yahoo to recognize your website. Meta tags consist of Title Tags, Description Tags, and keyword tags. These meta tags permit serps to easily index your website. Meta tags make your blog search engine friendly.


I hope you have enjoyed my article. My article might be of 75000 phrases if I want to go on writing because the subject’s depth may be enormous. Nevertheless, you may take the inputs from the above dialogue to enhance your Blogging enjoyment. My subsequent article will discuss how to drive visitors to your web page. Till then, Enjoy Blogging!

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