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Comparison of TomTom Go 9 Series Models

The Amsterdam-primarily based TomTom, based via Harold Goddijn, Peter-Frans Pauwels, and Pieter Geelen in 1991, has grown exponentially from an alternative humble beginning to end up one of the international’s leading manufacturers of portable navigation gadgets, seeing their very own revenues develop from 8 million euros in 2002 to over 1.7 billion euros in 2007 while seeing organization profits grow from roughly 1 million euros to 317 million euros over the same length. Such fulfillment in a volatile economic period is partly from TomTom’s persevered commitment to excellence within the industry. TomTom hopes to maintain its achievement and international reputation by releasing its 910 GO, 920 G0, 930 GO, and 940 GO GPS gadgets. With each new model, TomTom idealizes and refines their famous GPS devices, developing unequaled popularity in private navigation gadgets. Even with minor problems, it is much more likely to discover sparkling reviews of TomTom devices than any other producer of personal navigation gadgets.


TomTom Go 910

When the 910 GO GPS device was first released a couple of years ago, it became an innovative step forward in private navigation. It became the first GPS with preloaded maps of America, Canada, Western Europe, and Central Europe. Engineers redesigned the unit, creating four extensive-inch display screens and numerous software upgrades from TomTom’s initial offerings. Other features encompass a 400 MHz CPU and 20 GB tough pressure, which can be best for saving maps for particular routes you may want to shop, the capability to connect, after which combine your iPod, a Bluetooth enabled far off for arms loose operation and a four” touchscreen with over 64,000 hues. Likewise, the 910 is one of the first GPS structures with a POI (Point of Interest) database, which makes special words for any factors of hobby, consisting of hotels, hospitals, stadiums, parks, and the like. With 36 distinctive languages preinstalled or without problems downloaded, this GPS gadget may be utilized in maximum major Westernised international locations with little issue.

The person can program this little GPS to name directions for your language – irrespective of where you are. However, a few users have complained that the 910 GO has an outdated POI database – a database that has been recognized to make special notes for places of interest that no longer exist. Some reviewers have complained that for a few routes, the envisioned arrival time can be off using a significant diploma, especially if you’re relatively acquainted with the ways your 910 will recommend. A few other customers have also complained that the 910 doesn’t have the updated visitor information they need. Some critics have complained that the sprint mount turned terribly flimsy and that the display may be difficult to study in sunlight. Another user complained that converting menu capabilities took greater tapping and scrolling than what they liked. Although the unit is priced competitively, it has the fundamental functions that newbie GPS users will love – with a few minor problems. Some of those troubles were cleared up with the engineers at TomTom, who commenced work on the 920 GO GPS.

TomTom Go 920

The 920 GO GPS offered some refinements to its predecessor in conjunction with new technological advances. Aesthetically, TomTom redesigned the tool, giving it a sleeker exterior end, which makes it appear to be an excellent, futuristic tool. Positioning generation has been more advantageous, eliminating the irritating positioning issues that frequently got here up in the 910. Plus, customers may be thrilled to peer numerous new chocolates delivered – which includes a new and stronger traffic statistics alternative that updates and recalculates routes every 5 minutes or so, a mild sensor that optimizes the viewing display, four

GB of inner flash memory, an SD memory card slot, at the side of the functions users cherished in the 910. But most significantly, the 920 is the first of TomTom’s GPS units to offer voice recognition programming so that drivers may want to enter their locations by using, in reality, speaking to the gadget.

Already, many customers have praised this improvement. After all, it makes it much easier for drivers to software the device while not taking their eyes off the road to software the unit tons in contrast to different devices wherein drivers needed a companion to help program the GPS. At the same time, the driving force became riding. The 920 turned into the first GPS device to offer the ability to pre-plan and save journeys and the first to provide a built-in FM transmitter.


Also, the 920 gives the TomTom Map Share feature in which TomTom users can update maps and routes for each different – inside the occasion of the latest creation, a brand new construction improvement, etc. Some customers have complained that they may close off the bossy-sounding GPS voice that shouts instructions. TThe voice is annoying even as you’re sitting in bumper-to-bumper visitors because it tells you your turn is half a mile in advance! There have been reports of customers complaining about how the weather and traffic services don’t work with some Verizon and Sprint cell hand units. The most common complaint inside the countless reports we have seen is that users regularly get annoyed, notwithstanding the usefulness of the voice reputation application. At the same time, it would not apprehend certain sounds, and it has to, forcing users to repeat type in their addresses for guidelines. Potential customers can sense their wallets lighten once they purchase the 920, but they’ll be buying one of the most correct and handiest GPS structures available on the market. TomTom Go 930

TomTom 930

The 930 GPS device has most of the identical functions of TomTom’s preceding fashions. Still, we have a high-quality redesign that seems similar to the iPhone, and the iPod Touch and the Faraway Manager’s layout have been modified to match. The electrical switch has been moved to the pinnacle, making it easier for users to show the device on and off, and the speaker and external antennae jack were moved to the rear.

Some new additions consist of a newly evolved era known as Active Lane Guidance, which gives exacting details for drivers who are driving on complex, multi-lane highways, Interstates, and so on and who want to understand what number of lanes they wish to pass over to get to their exit, which manner their particular street goes and so on. A simple collection of icons displays the roads and points out which lanes drivers must be in to make proper turns.

This feature has worked very well on principal highways and streets; however, unluckily now, not on greater rural country roads, which may be quite frustrating if you’re making trips inside the USA. Another new technology consists of a program, Static Intersection Images, designed to reveal how highways and intersections intersect, assisting drivers in simplifying complex driving guidelines. TomTom has made it simpler for users to type in addresses as you may transfer from a touch display screen QWERTY-fashion keyboard, an ABC-style keyboard, and an option for left-exceeded users.

However, in some opinions, customers have complained that the imaging technique concerned in the application works intermittently at first rate. One reviewer complained that the imaging manner is normally regarded to work somewhere within the 1/2 mile to region mile range, which isn’t applicable in case you’re using at highway speeds. The IQ Routes programming has been greatly updated to offer more accurate estimations on arrival instances. Users of the 910 and 920 regularly complained about how envisioned using times had been commonly off by way of at least 20%; IQ Routes now may even permit you to plan out routes numerous days earlier, identifying conventional traffic go with the flow history and giving you a correct estimate time-based on-site visitors float. Also, the updated RDSTMC traffic receiver may work through mobile telephone transmissions for much more accurate visitor readings.


The flimsy dash mount of the 910 and 920 was changed with a miles sturdier sprint mount. Some reviewers have complained that the 930’s voice popularity does not work properly, and many have resorted to simply typing their destinations. Other reviews have complained about the quantity of glare that comes with the shinier touchscreen. We’ve even come upon evaluations wherein users have complained about the variety of monitors and options one must go through to change menu choices. Certainly, it’s frustrating that the maximum component users have loved the 930 and its correct positioning skills, and any complaints, including screen glare, are subjective to the character used. TomTom Go 940

TomTom 940

The 940 GO GPS gadget will be one of the most technologically superior GPS units in the marketplace. TomTom’s engineers have also updated their IQ Route programming so that each course can be determined by using historic time journey records for every avenue for each unmarried day of the week while constantly adapting to converting avenue situations drivers to the fastest, most economically sound routes viable. Aside from the opposite GPS units available on the market, the 940 can have as much as the minute weather and traffic updates – and people are beneficial for just about any driver available.

But the new 940 GPS unit that no different team may have yet is a nearby search connection through Google. Users can discover neighborhood pizzerias, seafood restaurants, or something they’d want, and they may, without problems, find it and get directions. Of direction, there are the opposite programs to which TomTom customers love to apply. The tech-savvy user will love the new 940 GO!

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