Cops recover 18 stolen mobile phones from Pune youth

Ganesh Baburao Parge (19) became arrested from the Swargate bus stand by means of Unit 3 of the crime branch on Tuesday in possession of seven cellular telephones, stated Deputy police commissioner Pankaj Dahane.

Eleven different phones have been discovered in his ownership after further investigation, the police said. The collective worth of the 18 cellular phones was expected to be ₹1,50,000 by way of the police.

These cellular phones had been stolen on the State Transport (ST) bus stand and Pune railway station, Parge instructed the police, in step with a police announcement.

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‘GST need to deliver real estate charges down in Pune with the aid of ₹600 to ₹seven-hundred in step with so.Feet’

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The 19-year-old is a resident of Ghosh in Jalkot region of Latur district, in keeping with the police. Parge was arrested earlier than in the comparable case. He changed into additionally booked in a case at the Udgir police station in Latur for stealing eight bicycles in the 12 months 2013, while he turned into a minor. Parge, who studied till class nine, lost his mom in 2013, said senior PI More.


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In Pune, he has been booked on 11 counts of mobile theft. Of the 11, six are registered at the Swargate police station, 4 are registered on the Pune railway police station, and one become registered at the Dadar railway police station in Mumbai. The owners of those cellular telephones may be traced later. However, the owners of 7 other mobile phones are yet to be diagnosed, consistent with the police.

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