COVID-19 Hacks: Getting Over Your Sleeping Problems, and Fast!

It’s easy to go on a downward spiral these days. With America still grappling with the vicious attacks of the virus, stress could take hold of you. According to international analysis, no country may be more stressed right now than the people of America. And it’s understandable. Even with America’s might, the pandemic has injected financial chaos and mental stress in more people than any high-income country.

It’s staggering. A third of U.S. adults admit they have experienced many negative emotions now more than ever. We’re talking about anxiety, sadness, and stress. Worse, more than a third are facing economic hardships. Compared to their Canadian and Australian counterparts, more Americans reveal they are having trouble getting by. Making matters worse, all this turmoil boils down to lost sleep.

COVID-19 Hacks: Getting Over Your Sleeping Problems, and Fast! 1

Indeed, sleep deprivation is common these days. While you may say it’s just a normal reaction, it’s a slippery slope. Why? Lack of sleep can weaken one’s immune system. With a virus at large with no vaccine in sight, that surely puts you at greater risk. Taking steps to compile a healthy amount of sleep every time is paramount.

Keep a Sleeping Routine

No less than top medical professionals from the Mayo Clinic reveal that lack of sleep can indeed weaken you. It can lower your immune system. Recent studies point out that people who do not make it a habit to get ample sleep are prone to be infected by a virus should they be exposed to it. You can easily contract the common cold, for instance.

Observing a routine is useful for getting a fair amount of Zzz. Establish your sleeping time and stick to it. The same holds for your waking hours. Make it a habit to wake up at the same time. It would help if you did this even when you’re WFH or working from home. Sleep will naturally find the set time when your body gets accustomed to it.

Get Active

A common misconception during the pandemic is to forego exercise altogether since gyms are closed. You should know that exercise can greatly benefit you and the whole family. Thus, keeping yourself active is a must now more than ever. To do that, you can use time-tested ways to get your body sweating. Of course, a skipping rope will be more than handy these days.

Or, for that matter, a ping pong table. Being active not only helps you deal with all the stress. But it’s also a great sleeping aid for pathophysiological reasons. When you exert yourself, you feel tired. Such a decline can facilitate sleepiness. Word of warning, though. As much as possible, do not exert yourself right before sleeping. Exercise makes the body release endorphins, which are known to keep the brain awake.

Get the Right Mattress

You might think you can hit the sack just about anywhere. No, sir. Your mattress can profoundly affect the quality of your sleep. A quality mattress should provide needed support as your body sleeps. And that means for all your sleep postures. It distributes your body parts evenly with top-notch cradling, so you feel relieved and relaxed after every good night’s sleep. Then again, this is also telling you that finding a dependable store selling high-quality mattresses matters. A quality supplier can walk you through various options for your needs. Plus, they will provide spot-on support you can count on in time. This way, you get a lifetime partner to help you get that precious sleep.

Minimize Screen Time

It’s true. The internet has become our go-to arena for various activities during the pandemic. We have learned to play, work, and study online. Added to this, the TV has become another go-to device for everyone.

However, spending too much screen time before bed can jeopardize your chances of sleeping. Why? Simply because of the blue light effect. All electronic devices emit blue light, suppressing the body’s melatonin. Note that melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone.

And Fast

If you want to hasten your sleep, taking a page from the military is wise. Surely, it takes time to master the routine, but with constant practice, you should be able to snatch that sweet spot in 10 seconds. Don’t get us wrong, though. This method needs about 120 seconds to accomplish.

The last 10 seconds is when you should be in dreamland. Taken from the U.S. Navy’s Pre-Flight School, this amazing routine should get you going quickly. Learn the complete trick here. Truthfully, it will take some practice before you master your craft. But when you do, a whole new world awaits you. That’s because getting a good night’s sleep means a great morning awaits every time.

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