For any intrigued beginner, the switch to gaping could be overwhelming. Something that would make any beginner even more hesitant could be the presence of experienced people vaping around them with grace.

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If you have made a switch to vaping and are not acquainted with the techniques and all that goes into being a confident vaper, hang on and check out our essential vaping tips for beginners and brace yourselves to learn to vape with grace.


You need to disassemble your vaping device at night. This might seem a tedious and completely pointless task, but it is a good habit to get into of removing your vape tank. Added points if it was filled with e-liquid. Doing this will help prevent any leaks or spills that are likely to occur from time to time. If the liquid makes contact with the button of your device or makes its way into the battery itself, this could result in the death of the device– which would be quite a shame given the money you spent on purchasing it.


The ultimate fact which is well known in the vaping community is that not all vape tanks are created equally. Some retailers might warn you of this fact ahead of time, but others will simply not be that honest. What this means is that you will not be able to use certain juices in stone tanks. The most notorious culprits are menthol and cinnamon e liquids.

Most starter kits come with plastic tanks but if you want to enjoy the full array of juices, update to an ass tank as soon as you can.


There is actually a lot more to your e-liquids then just buying them and vaping them. Like your mods, vaping tanks, and other atomizers, your juice requires maintenance as well. Not providing maintenance for your juices would mean that you are unfair to them. Some other tips include the need to realize that you should shake your e-liquid before every use to help ensure that the PG/VG mixture and the nicotine are properly mixed. That is one great way to assure that you are always going to get a quality vape.


The batteries are, hands down, the single most important piece of the puzzle to quality vaping. It does not matter if you are using a starter kit or an overpriced box mod. The batteries come with a color code in the button of the battery, which gives you an insight into the battery’s life. When you notice that the battery is starting to die, do not let it reach the point of being dead altogether. Go ahead and connect it to the charger immediately.

Also, please do not leave your batteries under direct sunlight as it will cause a vetting process, which could result in your battery exploding. So be aware and keep your batteries in a shady place only.

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