If you are that enthusiastic human being who is always looking for more adventures and outdoor activities, then you should defiantly pay some extra attention to your eyes as they are always exposed to intense light and could be severely damaged. Irrespective of whether you are in the middle of your summer vacations or busy hiking taking some extra preventive measures to protect your eyes will always benefit you in the long run. One of the easiest ways to protect your eyes from the harmful UV radiations is by wearing protective eyewear or sunglasses as they are commonly called. Given below are some of the most important eyewear tips for outdoor lovers. Read more to find out.

Glasses that are exercise friendly

There are glasses which are designed specifically for different needs. Therefore you need to choose one that’s best for you from the numerous choices available. For sports such as cycling and rock climbing wraparound styles function admirably and they don not jar around as much as different styles and furthermore decline sun and residue introduction. There are also numerous types of lenses available such as, polycarbonate, polarized, mirror and photochromic lenses, each serving a different purpose. Polycarbonate focal points are commonly better for open air exercises since they are break safe. Polarized lenses limit glare from the sun, enabling you to make the most of your environment significantly more. Mirror focal points hinder extra sun glare, particularly at higher elevations and in snow. On the other hand photochromic lenses darken or get lighter when exposed to daylight and indoor light respectively.

One that fits your properly

You must buy shades that fit you properly and do not hang loosely on your nose. They should have bigger lenses which provide complete coverage. Buying shades that don’t serve the purpose right is pointless and won’t protect your eyes from the outside climatic conditions.

Buy only quality product

If you think you will be saving money by buying cheaper shades, then you are wrong as it will only make way for more damage. Never buy products that are offered at unreasonably low prices or from the local vendors as they might turn out to be fake products. Ensure that you check the UV label on your shades to see till what extent the shade blocks UV rays. Also look for products that have warranty for atleast an year or so.

Choose the lens wisely

Apart from defensive goggles and eye-shield, there are two sorts of focal points or coatings to think about when buying eyeglasses for sports or outdoor activities which are Glare resistant coatings for the lenses and high index lenses which offer protection against scratches and UV rays. If you need complete assurance, secure your glasses with multiple layers of coatings to guarantee superb vision the entire time along with being able to use them regularly. You can select a frame of your choice accordingly, something that goes with your style and fulfills the purpose of using them for outdoor activities.


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