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One of the satisfactory things about being within the Information Technology enterprise is consulting. I’m using the period consulting for side jobs or moonlighting work for this newsletter. While complete-time Computer Consultants also can benefit from the tips in this newsletter, I’m writing to the IT Employee who works a full-time IT task after which he takes extra jobs for more money on the facet. So you’re running your everyday activity and want to earn different work for yourself. Here are some thoughts to get commenced. First, comprehend that it’s almost impossible to feature without a PC on your property. Many homes now have 2-three PCs. In the end, they’re going to interrupt or want to be hooked collectively.


Word of Mouth Is King

To start, get yourself a few commercial enterprises playing cards that explain your services. DO NOT LIST YOUR RATE I made this rookie mistake and became tied to my lowball rate as soon as I became extra established. So, begin by way of spreading the phrase through paintings. Hopefully, your company is tolerant of this. To know the bounds, ask someone in HR if the company has a policy concerning paintings outside of the task. If no longer, you can observe in the lunchroom or agency-categorized ad board. However, if this is not an alternative, unfold the phrase among co-workers you consider.

Word of mouth is the best way to usher in the new commercial enterprise. Everyone knows someone with a damaged PC, and you also want to get human beings talking. Once you get a possibility, provide an extra carrier than the customer expects. Remember, those preliminary jobs are seeds, so even if you don’t make earnings, the goodwill you earn will maintain your operation down the street.

The golden ring in doing this is to discover someone who will advocate you to a small or medium-length business that doesn’t have its very own IT personnel. Why Businesses? Because it’s consistent work, and companies recognize that point is cash. Companies tend to pay on time, do not keep junk on their systems, and if a job runs over time, you assume they are typically willing to hold the clock going for walks as long as their designs are fixed. Home customers, however, tie the cash for the job with the price of the PC.

This works against us as PCs turn out to be less expensive. Businesses assign an economical price to their time and statistics, so they are simpler customers. They additionally view hiring you as simply any other enterprise price and could no longer hesitate to allow any worker to name you once you gain their consideration. I’ve tried advertising and marketing in newspapers and by no means found it to pay off. One of the best things I’ve achieved besides word of mouth is to apply my neighborhood.


I placed a flyer in each newspaper box advertising my services. The goal right here is the person who works out of a home workplace. This is any other attempt to ease a client whose time is money. From here, observe the equal principle of outperforming their expectations. Let them recognize you admire referrals and give them masses of greater enterprise playing cards. I as soon as become hired to split companies during a purchase. While one half turned into my client, I made positive the opposite business proprietor knew the

level of my provider and went out of my manner to ensure his systems worked as well or better as soon as I left. Of course, I taped my card to each of his servers. A better manner than taking walks in your community is to gain a list of your community’s addresses and go to http://www.Usps.Com and start a mailing marketing campaign. Select the postcard mailing alternative and add your flyer, ship them your listing of lessons, and input your credit card number. I’ve found that I can canvass a three-hundred-residence community for about $ 40.00 – $50.00 is a good deal cheaper and more focused than my different attempts.

The purpose you want to use a postcard is two-fold. 1) It’s cheaper. 2) It’s smooth to hold on to. When I used eight 1/2 x 11 paper flyers, I might want to reach people with a direct computer problem. Everyone else clearly tossed the ad. The idea is to get them to maintain your card later, so offer an incentive. Give them $10.00 off their first processor and provide a free consultation. You need them calling you no longer the other guy.


OK, right here’s my take on billing and getting paid. Judgment is the key. When you invoice a business, be sure to feature your bill that the price is due upon receipt. Does this imply you will receive a commission right away? Nope, however, if you go away, businesses will count on a Net 30 approach and pay you 30 days after receipt, which is inappropriate. So, place the payment due upon receipt and see what occurs. I provide them 30 days before sending a 2D bill with a clear notice that that is a PAST DUE bill. In most instances, this clears things up. I need to add that I have some customers who are inconsistent with approximately how long it takes to receive a commission, but they do pay, and I LIKE operating for them. Maybe they’re the kind that does not watch over my shoulder gi,ves me the key to the place, or lets me take stuff home to work on.

My point is you be the judge where the hassle is well worth the postponement if this happens. Most essential, spell out your terms on the bill and ship reminders every 30 days. Domestic customers are extraordinary; you should expect them to pay on the spot or very quickly afterward. As the neighborhood PC keeps expecting them to pay before getting their stuff again, you must, too. Judgment comes into play here as properly. Some will ask you to forestall using it for one thing, holding you longer than anticipated. DO NOT bring an organized invoice based on your agreement on the price. It’s always better to inform them of the fee, after which you email them the bill after you’ve been paid.

Tax Tips

Suppose you’re serious about an ongoing consulting enterprise; try to set yourself up nicely. This can pay dividends in expanded revenue and tax savings. Assign a room in your home as your home office. This will let you deduct any fees related to that office from your earnings as a consultant. There is no law your enterprise has to make earnings, so as long as you document the expenses you deduct, you can accomplish that even though the costs exceed your revenues. The gain right here is that you get some tax savings from

your regular paycheck from the lack of your enterprise. Hopefully, your enterprise will receive earnings; however, until that is the case, you can properly do what you may keep the cash. A few examples of things you could deduct are the coverage, utilities, and net costs proportional to the % of rectangular ft your office consumers. I’ve even heard that technically, you could deduct canine-associated charges if you prove the canine additionally guards the home office. I don’t recommend stretching anything but.

Sales Tax

information_technology.jpg (1600×1200)

Get yourself self-mounted as a commercial enterprise in your nation to charge income tax. I realize this sounds loopy; however, if you’re going to sell for a while, why not promote the elements and mark them up 10% so that you make more money? I used to require my clients to purchase gadgets, after which they named me to install them. Now, I make certain I consider they may pay and order the objects myself. This shall mean boom revenue, and so long as you maintain the tune of what you charged, you certainly pay the sales tax at the end of the year; it could not be less complicated.

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