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3 Innovative Solar Panel Designs for Your Home

Solar energy has seen a dramatic reduction in cost on a per-watt basis for the average homeowner over the past several years. A 70% drop since 2010. This factor has been driven by technological design improvements that have improved power storage efficiency and output for PV systems. If you live in a part of the world with high exposure to sunlight regularly, consider a new solar panel design for your home.

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This article outlines what you must consider to make the decision-making process easier.

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1. Building-integrated Photovoltaics

Building-integrated photovoltaics are designed to blend into the existing architecture of a home. They can be substituted as a building material for less efficient materials you may have used otherwise. For example, they can be curtain walls, skylight systems, roofs, or canopies.

This photovoltaic option will not only save you on electric power costs, but it could also save you on the cost of your next building project altogether.

2. Solar Skins Technology

Solar skins are an emerging PV technology incorporating a custom design into your solar panel system. Think of solar skins like car wraps used by advertisers on automobiles.

The solar skin filters sunlight to the photovoltaic cells beneath it while keeping the surface design intact. Imagine how you could camouflage your solar panels to match existing architecture.

Solar skins do not need a frame or rail for application, either. They can cover up less-than-desirable aesthetic components of an existing PV system. However, they are 10% more c, mostly than intermediate solar panel systems.

3. Rooftop Solar Panels

You are likely familiar with the classic rooftop solar panel design system. It is still one of the most popular and efficient designs, and they keep improving. Their average energy yield increases as manufacturers improve on materials and design.

Remember that a rooftop solar panel system will need maintenance and cleaning occasionally. You don’t want to miss out on precious energy production during peak sunlight days. However, you don’t necessarily need many solar panels to power your home, either.

One alternative to rooftop solar panel designs is the solar shingle. They are exactly what you think: cement for your roofing shingles. If you need a roof replacement, look into purchasing solar shingles.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel Design for Your Home

You can power your home from the sun’s free energy with the right solar panel design. No longer is solar power generated by ground or rooftop-mounted panels. With the advancements in PV technology mentioned above, solar is becoming more applicable everywhere. Stay updated with more information on solar technology by reading more articles from our blog and commenting below if you enjoyed what you read.

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