Ghost vs. WordPress

Ghost touts itself as a “simple, present-day WordPress alternative.”

And that’s actual, to a quantity.

While Ghost, which claims a “virtual” headquarters in Singapore, focuses completely on the blogging method, San Francisco-primarily based WordPress has evolved into something ways more than only a blogging platform. So as a blogger trying to submit content material on a private or commercial enterprise stage, which runs a blog solution is great?


WordPress is a free and open-supply PHP-based, totally blogging beast. It is available in flavors: self-hosted WordPress and WordPress.Com. The latter provides a website hosting carrier in going back for a few restrictions (which you could research greater from our Medium vs. WordPress assessment).


Matt Mullenweg released WordPress in 2003, but someplace along the road, it stopped being just a running a blog platform. Today, publishing content is just one extra element WordPress can do, alongside e-commerce, forums, landing pages, intranets, event microsites, corporate websites, and greater.


Ghost changed into released in 2013 after a successful Kickstarter marketing campaign led by former WordPress worker John O’Nolan. During that marketing campaign, O’Nolan defined Ghost with the identical phrases used to explain WordPress, “only a running a blog platform.”

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It’s unfastened, open-source, constructed on NodeJS, and mimics WorWordPress’sin supplying of self-hosted and hosted alternatives — even though there arearen’t many restrictions in case you opt for the hosted version of Ghost.


WordPress vs. Ghost: A Play-by means of-Play Comparison

Both structures are open-supply and free to download, which means you can personalize and monetize them in any way you like, without regulations. This makes them famous answers among bloggers who realize their manner around code (or even folks who don’t) adon’tencies trying to deliver their internal content material to publishers a user-pleasant running a blog enjoy.

WordPress and Ghost each have all the middle functions a blogger should need. However, that doesndoesn’t they’they’ree. Here’Here’seakdown of the way they range.

Ghost and WordPress techniques are the act of running a blog in two very exceptional approaches.

The biggest distinction is that, with Ghost, you’re blogging in Markdown — essentially shorthand HTML. With WordPress, you’re woyou’rewith a greater approachable WYSIWYG editor.

Ghost Blogging Interface

Markdown may also sound daunting for those used to WYSIWYG editors, but when you get the cling of it, the time-saving shortcuts of Markdown become luxurious that you’d hatyou’dweblog without. Plus, Ghost’s iGhost’se is as easy and pretty as they arrive.

On the other hand, WordPress boasts a world-famed blogging experience that may be prolonged in nearly any direction (you can even set up a Markdown plugin, if so willing). The editor can toggle between WYSIWYG and HTML, allowing extra superior users to make HTML adjustments on the fly.

WordPress Blogging

WordPreWordPress’ is not plugin like Yoast search engine marketing; you’ll byou’llering from configuring your posts efficaciously for search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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