The roof is the most delicate element of the house, it comprises of the soffit and the fascia. The soffit is the lowermost part of the roof that you can find hanging at the side of the roof. It is made up of small holes that provide ventilation to the attic and acts as a shade around the entire house while the fascia is a flat panel to which the gutters are attached to.

These two are the two most important part of your roof. Each takes care of your roof but are vulnerable at the same time. A damaged soffit and fascia invites water damage that will cause mold, mildew, wood rot, and various other serious issues.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, you should also find out ways to prevent all kinds of damage. Look for a capable eavestroughs cleaning company who will help you to clean and keep your soffit and fascia together. They will also eliminate the need for repairs altogether.

When gutter tends to get clogged, it affects the soffit and the fascia also. It damages them in many ways and weighs down the entire roof system. The gutter can get clogged due to debris in the gutter or drain pipe. Various insects and bird nests can also clog gutters.

The two main problems of gutter clog that can damage the soffit and the fascia are as follows:

The first is that gutter that is clogged is heavy which will pull the gutter away from the fascia which will create a gap through which water can easily penetrate in the fascia and the soffit.



The second problem is that water doesn’t drain properly through a clogged gutter, the water then accumulates on the edge of the roof. This accumulated water can rot the fascia and soffit to get inside the home. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you clean your gutter on a regular basis.

Holding regular inspection will help you keep a check on water. As sometimes even when your gutter is not clogged, some water can get to fascia and soffit. This water when stays for long could cause the wooden part to rot. Once the rotting starts, the nail that holds the gutter come loose and finally, the fascia separates from the gutter.

Another problem is that water may not drain into the gutter appropriately. If the gutter is clogged, water may accumulate on the edge of the roof. That water accumulation could rot the fascia and soffit and eventually get inside the home. A homeowner can significantly reduce the odds of fascia and soffit damage by cleaning the gutters on a regular basis. This may cause water leaks again.

It is sensible to check the overall condition of the gutter as well as the fascia and the soffit. Cleaning and noticing separation issues are a must to avoid water leaks. You may also use a screwdriver to poke the wood, if you find the wood is soft then you may be able to prevent water damage by seeking the help of a professional gutter repair service. The sooner you repair your gutter the better you will be able to deal with water damage.

If you want to avoid any serious roof problems, it is advisable to conduct proper maintenance of gutter as well as the soffit and the fascia.


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