Pregnancy guide to new moms-to-be:

After Ten months of hardship as a mom, seeing the bundle unwrapped in the 10th month is a dream for all women. We cannot stop thinking of this the moment we are married. Panning for a child could be the most important decision a couple should make in their lifetime. On the funnier side, choosing the right school and college has become difficult. Jokes apart, now let us see why planning for the child is important and what should be the decision points. As soon as you are married, the pressure from your family and colleagues to prepare for a child is undeniable. Most of the parents would agree with me. But it would help if you considered a few things before pursuing your dream of entering parenthood. They are:

  1. Financial planning: This is going to be super important for everyone. Financial stability is the first thing that should be considered when considering pregnancy planning. We are not talking about the cost of delivery but the lifestyle. Giving the mom time after she has delivered before going to work is essential. So, this must not dent the family’s financial stability. Also, in the first few years, the child will fall sick often and need continuous medical attention with regular vaccination schedules. Hence, all these things should be considered before you plan.
  2. The mom-to-be’s health: If she is undergoing certain health-related issues, it is advised to get it cured completely before you start planning for pregnancy. There are very high chances for the unborn child to get the illness from the mom. Some women tend to get gestational diabetes during the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy due to increased blood sugar levels. These cases would be better handled by expert gynecologists who would understand your pregnancy cycle better. I underwent gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and was treated by the best gynecologist in Pune.
  3. Your maternity hospital: This could be the most crucial step. Choosing the right hospital for delivery in Bangalore or any other city is a special talent, and you must acquire this talent for a smooth and healthy pregnancy journey.

These are some of the guidelines that a mom-to-be must know. It is imperative to understand that small things could make a big difference while pregnant; hence, it is always good to fix yourself and your surroundings to be safe and welcome your gift of God with joy.

Jeffery D. Silvers
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