4 Tips to Renovate Your Room Luxuriously

Nothing beats a well-furnished, elevated, fully functional, and comfortable living room. Everyone wants a space that is easy to manage, looks appealing, and at the same time boosts the look of the most commonly used room.


When we talk about decorating the living room luxuriously or incorporating functional luxury in your living room, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. A well-planned layout with an affordable accessory is all you need to convert it into your desired place where you can invite your friends over or lay with your family to enjoy your favorite series. To help you understand better, adding a chic sofa set, coffee table, chandelier, artistic bookshelf, a wall with a creative touch, and an indoor waterfall or maybe an aquarium can spin the wheels and give you a look you had been longing to see.

Besides, here are some of the fantastic ideas to give your living room a luxurious touch-

1) Introduce unexpected textile- When we talk about textile, people usually think it will cost a lot, but why not choose the easy way? Use vintage carpets, easy rugs, and some throw pillows you could buy from the flea markets or vintage stores. If you can bargain and get some discounts, get the antiques like Turkish rug or second-hand vintage carpets. Before you get attached to a particular piece, make sure it strikes a chord with the overall look of your living room. The benefit of adding textile is that it will make your living room look personalized and luxurious at the same time.

2) Incorporate water features- Water features can be another thing that can give a royal look to your place if you want it to look classy. Add a subtle water feature such as a water fountain in your living room entrance, or install an aquarium in the wall or around any corner of your living room.

3) Go for large scale wall decor- Your living room shouldn’t reflect boldness in all directions. When we say go for large scale wall decor, look for the hidden meaning. There should only be one wall or the focal point in your living room, making a statement. You can express your ideas via art and creativity with some vibrant colors and textures, or you can hang a piece of art that rules the place. Besides, one can go for making it more functional by adding a fireplace or assimilating home theatre.

4) Bring in some sculptural pieces- Sculptural and structural elements of unusual styles and designs can give a different edge to your place. Go for incorporating furnishings that flaunts an unexpected silhouette and meaningful pieces that intensify the living room interior design affecting visitors’ subconscious.

Many people agree with adding sculptural pieces, yet they do not make something out of it. The reason behind this is that they do not study the layout of their place. If your home is spacious enough, you must choose some bigger items; otherwise, small and precise items can serve well.

Jeffery D. Silvers
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