3 Great Tips to Hire Professional Piano Movers

Having piano in a home is an inspiration for the music lovers. Whether you know how to play or not, placing it in a corner of your living room gives that entire vintage feel to it. It remains valuable for generations to come. But, when it comes to moving or relocating it, even the expert movers can feel the jitters. Those delicate components that make the piano a prized possession require an extra care while moving it.

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That is why rather than indulging into the DIY move, you better should consult some professional piano moving company that offers high-quality service and best treatment to your valuable instrument. Here is how you can choose a reliable piano mover in your city-

Take recommendation

You should know that the piano isn’t like other pieces of furniture lying in your home and requires skills to relocate it to its desired place safely. So, it is important to do enough research before you choose a piano moving company. To come across the right kind of company, you might have to do a little effort from your end. You should speak to your friends, family, relatives or colleagues for any referrals they might have. Speak to your neighbors who have recently moved to your area and see if they have any suggestions. In addition, do some online research and extract a list of moving companies operating nearby. Check their reviews and ratings before contacting them.

Consider the experience

It is important that you choose a moving company that is in the same line of business since long and has a well-established presence in the market. An experienced company is any day better than an amateur as it has a proper understanding regarding the fragile nature of piano. It also understands how the shape and weight of a piano can affect the complexity level of relocation and handles it accordingly. So, while searching for piano moving companies, make sure you take the experience factor in the account to have your piano delivered to its destination in a safe and sound condition.

Do background check

It is important to carry out a detailed background check before handing over your precious instrument to any moving company. If the information obtained from your referrals is not sufficient enough, then go ahead and contact the team directly to clear all your doubts. Ask the right questions to evaluate how honestly they answer. Some of the important questions you should be asking are-

  • Since how long you are in this industry?
  • Has your team gone through any professional training?
  • How much do you charge for relocating the piano?
  • Do you provide any storage facilities?
  • Do you carry the desired license and insurance?

The biggest indication of a company’s reliability would lie in their professionalism. They won’t charge you more than the market’s prevalent rates and neither there would be any hidden fees. The tools and equipment would be perfect to handle different sizes of piano and no possibility of unexpected delays can arise.


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