Customised Jewellery and Interesting Facts

Many types of jewelry can be customized after they are made or while making a new one. While larger items like rings and necklaces are easily altered, small earrings can be very difficult to customize, especially after they are made. Here are a few items you should know you can customize before you head to your jeweler to make customized jewelry:



All types of rings are easy to customize. Customization of the ring is not new like family or mother’s rings are customized with different gems and designs. You can customize rings by:

  • Choosing other metals like rose gold.
  • Selecting unique gems like turquoise, opal, or alexandrite in place of the common rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or diamonds.
  • Engraving the interior or exterior of the ring.
  • Addition of accent stones to solitaire rings.


These are customized rarely customized, but there are still several options that can be used to customize your necklace:

  • Putting gold locket designs with names on the chain. You check pendants and go for online gold purchases.
  • Adjusting the length of the chain.
  • Putting a few small chains into a larger long chain with different textures.


Most basic bracelets are not customized, but there are other ways to add personalized style while keeping their beauty and elegance intact.

  • Make a few small bracelets into a larger bracelet or make an anklet.
  • Turn a simple bracelet into a fancy bracelet with small beads, etc.
  • Reset gems in a diamond bracelet to make a different diamond and gemstone design.


Earrings are not famous for customizing, but making beautiful customized items with a good sense of fashion is still possible.

  • Put small beads or pendants into hoop earrings.
  • Put together small earrings to make a pair of big ones.
  • You can use a single piece of lost or broken pairs to make a new pair.

The cost of it depends upon the kind of customization and quality of the item. Custom jewelry may bee a little more expensive than standard jewelry or cost thousands of rupees for completely new designer jewelry with high-quality precious metals and stones. The more complex the customization, the more expensive it will be, and obviously, the quality of the metal and stones will affect the price.

However, custom jewelry is unique and a very personal gift made with just one person in mind. That makes it perfect for an engagement, birthday, anniversary, or other special celebration. Also, by creating custom jewelry, you make it match your style and individuality. The shine of the customized ring, necklace, or other jewelry will never be lost as more people adapt to the trend. Custom jewelry is easy to find as well as a difficult artistic procedure. So it is gaining popularity day by day.

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