Simple Small Tips for Successful Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling

There is nothing more exasperating than the constant, everyday battle with the inefficacy of your bathroom. However, remodeling a bathroom from scratch seems to be an even more daunting experience. With the following guidelines in mind, you can navigate your way through this task like a breeze.

  1. Put It on Paper First

Any remodeling and renovating job, to be done well and on time, needs a plan. This is imperative on multiple levels- it will enable you to make all your desired changes on paper rather than half-way through your renovation. Making a plan isn’t the toughest job- it is the discipline to stick to it. Start the work only after you are fairly certain about the changes you are about to undertake. Additionally, show your design blueprint to the electrician, the plumber, and the like so that they can confirm the feasibility of your plans. It is advisable to keep your sanitary ware’s basic layout to a minimum to cut the expenses for plumbing. Also, make sure that the soil pipe can be connected to the toilet if you decide to change its location.

2. Maximize the Space


Create the new layout of your bathroom in such a way that it opens up more space. Don’t try and cram multiple pieces of hardware into one room. This will leave no area for you to move around once the remodeling is done. For instance, if you are already short on space, choose a pedestal sink over a cabinet one, and install wall-mounted storage space instead.

3. Assess the Current Situation

If you are on a tight budget, to begin with, you must make only the necessary changes. If you need new bathroom fittings and a fresh coat of paint, don’t go overboard by replacing everything in the bathroom. This unwanted renovation will take even longer to finish, and not to mention; it will cost you a lot more too. Here, you could make a list graded in ascending order of necessity, keeping the most important pieces at the top of the list and placing the optional changes near the end.

4. Don’t Get Swayed Away by Trends

While looking up remodeling ideas, your computer screen will be inundated with the latest fashionable designs. Indeed, keeping up with trends is sometimes an obligation; however, make sure that if you are thinking of implementing the same in your bathroom, it really is for you. Whether it is a cabinet, vanity, or even a shower-head, be assured that it is according to your tastes and not the most recent design trend. For this, you must visit a Vanoon Bathroom Supplies Inc., you will have the luxury to choose from thousands of designs and combinations to make sure that you find every perfect piece for your renovation.

5. Choose a Reliable Store to Shop From

Before you finalize the necessary pieces for your remodeling, inquire into the reputation of the company you will be buying the fixtures from. Look up their credentials online and always make sure that they have a friendly and reliable customer service team to assist you all the way through. Also, make sure that they have various designs, both classic and contemporary ones, available at hand so that you are not left with limited choices. The store should also provide you with the best designs at affordable prices so you can realize the bathroom of your dreams while staying within your budgetary demarcations.

If you are looking for premium-quality bathroom vanities and accessories, you can pay a visit to Vanoon Bathroom Supplies Inc.’s showroom in Richmond, BC, or you could look up their website to browse through their extensive range of products.

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