How to Upgrade Your Website in a Recession

Perhaps you’re in a position in which your internet site is looking a little dated and it’s in determined want of a makeover. Additionally, you are probably wondering a way to leverage the opportunities of social media systems which include Twitter and Facebook to drive greater ends in your business.

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The idea of an entire internet site remodel sounds first-rate, however, in those difficult financial instances, how are you going to discover and justify the time and budget to get the paintings carried out?

Why bespoke net design is so high-priced

If your business website is more than more than one year’s vintage, the chances are that you outsourced your net improvement to a third party enterprise or consultancy. Just some brief years in the past, it would be commonplace for those layout groups to fee charges starting from more than one hundred bucks too, within the case of a fairly sized e-commerce website online, numerous hundred thousand greenbacks.

In bespoke websites, everything is made from the ground up. Layout, colorings, images, copy and unique business features such as online shopping all want to be created, tested, proof-examine and so forth. The analogy might be growing a motor automobile from a crate of issue elements (chassis, body, body, engine, gearbox and many others). This is why bespoke websites (and motor automobiles for that count!) are simply so darn high priced!

Paying to re-invent the wheel?

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Many websites have fashionable capabilities in common. For example, maximum websites have a “touch us” page with possibly an internet-form to capture call, electronic mail, difficulty and message after which send this message to the webmaster or commercial enterprise proprietor.

In bespoke websites, this selection might usually be made out of scratch and would usually encompass of an internet page (HTML and JavaScript) together with a few server scripting (e.G. PHP). Developing a “contact us” page should conceivably take one developer an afternoon to create, check and get QA sign off.

Consider how many bespoke “contact us” bureaucracy is there globally and, greater importance, how many collective developer days were spent re-creating basically the same “touch us” functionality again and again once more? This is a wonderful instance of re-inventing the wheel in website design and the probabilities are that, if you have a bespoke internet site, that YOU paid to have this wheel re-invented.

Times have changed

Fortunately, matters have modified drastically within a closing couple of years. In refutation of the “re-inventing the wheel” trouble of website design, extensive development has been made via the open source network to create cost powerful, attractive and exceedingly useful commercial enterprise internet site answers that may be set up at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time in comparison to bespoke solutions.

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My instance: 2 years bespoke as opposed to eight days commonplace

In August 2000, I released the first version of a bespoke internet site inside the UK broadband niche. Design, improvement and take a look at for this version took four months. In 2005, I did a makeover which took 6 months. From 2005 to 2010, I estimate that a similarly 365 days development went into additional bespoke functions which include broadband pace testing, evaluation, client review modules and social media integration. In total, I estimate that design, development and testing account for two years complete time development attempt. Multiply out 24 months of improvement time and you can begin to see that the fees are widespread.

“Open Source” is the end result of many heaps of development and test hours within the open source network. Many of the developers involved with open source tasks are full time, expert programmers who donate some of their spare time to open source projects.

If you’re now not familiar with open source tasks, have you ever heard of Firefox internet browser? This is a tremendous instance of excessive first-class, open supply software development.

Modern open source software program is professionally developed, mature and strong. It is also typically freed from price and is, therefore, a cost-effective way to supply maximum price to your agencies.

Design and aesthetics

A default WordPress set up comes with 3 selectable designs (or “topics”). Truth is advised, the default themes are pretty unsightly and “blog-like”.

The excellent news is that there are in all likelihood hundreds of heaps of pre-made, appealing subject matters available online. Good best topics had been created by using professional internet designers and are not free however can typically be picked up for much less than 100$.

Ultimately, you have to without difficulty be able to discover a subject that generally suits your business brand. Customising the topic to supply your favored branding (e.G. Logo, font, and many others) is generally very truthful and can be completed in maximum instances without steeply-priced technical or design knowledge.


If you have a website in desperate want of updating, give the critical concept to a modern, ordinary open source solution such as WordPress.

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The days of costly, bespoke internet site improvement are over and your business ought to gain from a whole makeover for just a fraction of what you paid some years ago. Moreover, with the advanced capabilities of WordPress, any unique commercial enterprise functionality that you need (e.G. E-commerce) may be included inside the click on of a mouse the use of pre-written, quite simply to be had plugins.

As an enterprise proprietor, you may be specializing in fee for money out of your website redecorate. WordPress promises value for cash and is simple to use and replace and could integrate into your corporations in approaches which you had no longer previously concept possible.

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