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An Independent Living

Many people may not know that it is possible to live an independent life despite limited mobility and disability. And how can that be possible? Nowadays, we have so many products available in the market that provide the elderly and disabled people with products that can help them have a happier, more rewarding, healthier lifestyle. And if you are searching for a serious and responsible company specializing in this kind of product, you have just found it! Mobility Caring is your destination for independent living. You can buy mobility scooters, adjustable beds, wheelchairs, bathroom aids, lift chairs, and armchairs or rent them.

An Independent Living

Products You Find At Mobility Caring

We will describe them here in the following paragraphs for those who do not know exactly what products they can find at Mobility Caring.

  • Assisted Lift Chair: It is a true supporting component for those who have back problems or are recovering from surgery or some medical intervention. Before buying one of them, it is important to determine the most relevant features to choose the one that suits you best.

Some items that should be taken into account are the functionality (if it is to relax or a surgery recovery), the reclining options (generally, the chairs come in three reclining positions), the tapestry (your home style and fabric can be considered here), the measurements ( how much available space in your home you plan to allocate for it), the warranty, your budget range and extra features (a massage version, for instance).

  • Adjustable Beds: indicated for those who have problems sleeping due to surgery or health conditions, adjustable beds are associated with motorized bases able to move into different positions. Here, you should also consider your budget and the features that suit you better, such as comfort level, massaging, sleep tracking, USB ports, and lights.

Besides, you can also consider the head-raising capability (you can program the bed to raise your head when it is time to wake up). And how can you choose the right one, then? Ask yourself what you want. If you want an adjustable bed to ease a health condition or provide an ultimate sleep experience, you may have to invest more money.

  • Mobility Scooters: indicated for those who need help to move around places, as it is equivalent to a wheelchair but configured like a scooter. They are usually battery-powered, and most come with a spare one. The advantages of having a mobility scooter are numerous. It can be used by people without arm or shoulder flexibility, with systemic or whole-body disabling conditions (arthritis, heart conditions, lung issues).

This kind of scooter is generally more affordable than powered wheelchairs, and another point that is considered for those who want to get one is that many users feel ashamed if they happen to be seen in a wheelchair.

  • Wheelchairs: When considering buying a wheelchair, it is important to take into account some features such as size, overall performance, customer feedback, and reviews, as well as durability. Statistics show that about 11% of the global population ( 650 million people, to be more exact) have disabilities, and of these, around 9% need a wheelchair.

Some conditions requiring a wheelchair can be cancer, epilepsy, stroke, sleep apnea, and vascular disease. After reading this article, we hope you can live more independently using our products.

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